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Fitness and exercise coaches

Indre was a swimmer and handball player in highest Lithuanian league and now she has about ten years aerobic instructor axperience in Lithuania and UK.

Danas first passion was a handball and he was one of the Lithuanian junior handball national team members. Furthermore Danas is a winner of many UK’s bodybuilding championships – two times second palce in British finals.


Group training packages

You are offered a variety of workouts to choose from for yourself, a workout you like and enjoyable. Pilates Spinal Stretching Workout. Active whole body muscle work. Hula Hoop’s workout is a playful, funny and, at the same time, strong cardio workout by turning the bow, taking steps and joining abdominal press exercises.

Power workouts such as Body Pump, Lower body workout, Dynamic body design, outdoor workout, which will strengthen your overall physical condition, work the full body muscles, develop endurance, develop strength, and noticeably change your body shape.


Personal workout – INSIDE- OUTSIDE

INSIDE– Personal work in the hall, with the client choosing which workout he wants, from training schedules.

OUTSIDE– Work with the client personally, when the client chooses the training he wants.

Or I personally choose a more appropriate and useful workout for him, depends on what result a customer wants to achieve.


Contact us by mobile, email or coming by and saying HELLO!