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Indre and Danas are a high school sweethearts originating from Lithuania.  They are married and now living in the UK with 2 beautiful daughters.  The connection between Indre and Danas is something quite unique and very special, they have both excelled in their very own professions within the fitness sector. Both Indre and Danas are very passionate people and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is part of their daily routine, which allows them to educate their young family, these values is what has brought the two special couple together.

Indre is a keen swimmer and has competed extensively in her home town at youth level, with many great achievements to her name.  She has also played handball at a national level once again showing her desire to strive for greatness.  Since arriving in London Indre passion was to pass on many years of fitness experience to the London community, she has over the past ten years trained as an Aerobics Instructor and currently working taking classes at Fit2Ftt,, so pop on down for an energetic, sweaty and positive workout.

Danas started his sporting life as a keen handball player and represented Lithuania in the junior handball national team.  Since moving to the UK Danas has found a passion for body building, with this comes much determination and discipline both in training and dietary.  Danas has competed and won many UK body building competitions throughout the UK, and twice runner up in the British Body Building Competition Finals. As you will notice their lives embraces sport, fitness and Healthy living and this is clearly demonstrated on how dedicated they are.  They are a perfect example of a well-oiled machine working together as a unit, as a family to grow and built together.  Indre and Danas are now ready to pass on their life time of passion and dedication to all, if you are serious about a change, want to get fit, become the next champion or just want to be healthier with well balance diet, get in touch and ask them, Indre and Danas will be only too happy to help and support you through to your new and improved quality of life.

Let the journey begin.

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