Group training packages

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Fitness classes

You only need to bring a bottle of water and energy!

We wait mommies with their little ones too!

 Tuesday’s      7:30 pm

   Thursday’s     7:30 pm

Noak Hill Victory Hall

Church Rd. Noak Hill

Romford RM4 1LD

Fit2Fitt Team




      Monday’s       8:00 pm

  Wednesday’s   7:30  pm

  Friday’s             7:30 pm

                                                                Saturday’s        11:00 am

(You don’t need a nanny – you can workout  and be with your baby next to you!)
Become FIT MUM and be GOOD EXAMPLE to yourself and to your little one!

At the Sydney Russell School

Parsloes Ave, Dagenham


Fitness Classes for Mums with the little one’s in their buggies

You don’t need a nanny – you can work out outside and be with your baby next to you.

  • Become FIT MUM and be GOOD EXAMPLE to yourself and to your little one.

  • The whole body work outs.

  • Burning whole body fat and calories exercises.

  • Strengthen health, the body and mind.

Cardio workouts

Cardio class is designed:

  • to burn calories

  • hit all the major muscle groups

  • high energy workout which after you

  • will feel fully energised for the rest of the day.

Outdoor workout

An active training that focuses on all muscle groups.No matter what age you are, you can choose the range of exercise yourself. Body load and tempo (speed) everyone can choose individually.

It’s important for me to perform the exercises in a way that is technically correct and when you are going out of my workout is a feeling that you’ve been working out of the heart.

Will never be bored because we will use various inventory, weights, speed training aids, speed training slalom poles, speed running drills resistance parachutes, fitness exercise latex bands, chest bar stand hand sponge, speed ladders, abdominal exercise rollers power ropes and more.

USING EQUIPMENTS – weights, speed training aids, speed training slalom poles, speed running drills resistance parachutes, fitness exercise latex bands, chest bar stand hand sponge, speed ladders, abdominal exercise rollers, power ropes, dumbells.


Pilates. This is a system of mind and body education. In combination with breathing, slow and controlled movements are aimed at restoring the correct posture of the body and movement habits. By strengthening the deep muscles the body becomes graceful, taller, stronger. Exercise enhances balance, flexibility and stamina, reduces stress and tension.

In workout involves a difficulty in certain exercises, also added elements from other exercise disciplines.

Exercises are performed using plates, aerobics rubbers, barbells.

The optimally selected exercise workout improves the cardiovascular system, accelerates metabolism and provides the brain with oxygen, which increases not only physical but also mental activity.

USING EQUIPMENTS – foam rollers, small soft balls, aerobics rubbers, big soft balls, plates.


Body Pump. Intense strength training, which involves special exercises to develop the muscles and developed. Special exercises depending on the weight you choose, helps you to lose the weight, to make body shapes, or just to maintain a great shape or to grow muscle mass. Pump is a dynamic and energetic workout, there is no place for monotony, rhythmic music raises the mood and gives you energy for the whole day.

USING EQUIPMENTS – barbells, barbells discs, steps platforms.


Lower body workout + Press.  It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to reduce the subcutaneous fat layer and strengthen the lower part of the body.

The basis of the workout is the intensive repetition of various movements and exercises that involve lower body muscle groups. Exercises that are repeated in intensive mode burn fat very quickly, strengthen the lower part of the body.

USING EQUIPMENTS – Aerobic rubbers, step platforms, barbell disks.


DYNAMIC BODY DESIGN. This is endurance and strength training, which is based on strength exercises for different muscle groups. During the whole workout, both the lower and upper parts of the body work intensively. Especially strengthened torso muscles, with a lot of attention to the problem body parts – the buttocks, thighs, hips.

USING EQUIPMENTS – Dumbells, aerobic rubbers, step platforms.


Hula Hoop rotation workout  helps strengthen abdominal, back and other muscles and improves posture.

This is especially if you do not feel very persistent and sporty.

During the rotation of the Hoop, the blood flow is extremely accelerated if you train intensely, the whole body is involved in the work, the metabolism is accelerated, the heart muscle is trained. If you follow the discipline, you will include arc rotation workouts in your daily routine, which will take care of your health, especially the cardiovascular system.


Personal workout – INSIDE- OUTSIDE


Personal work in the hall, with the client choosing which workout he wants, from training schedules. Personal work in the hall, the client chooses which workout he wants, from training schedules offered. The training can take place with 2 people –   maybe you will be more comfortable with your friend 🙂


Work with the client personally, when the client chooses the training he wants. Or I personally choose a more appropriate and useful workout for him, depends on what result a customer wants to achieve.

Take place at your home address

I will come to the client with all the necessary sports equipment. The client can choose the kind of hobbyist himself or I personally select the workout for the client, seeing what kind of result the client needs or what he personally seeks for. Is it a focus on weight loss or muscle growth, or just a spinal stretching relaxation workout.